Häckeberga Castle from 1872

Baron Tönnes Wrangel von Brehmer inherited Häckeberga in 1872. During the next thirty years The Baron and his wife Olga Lang started a major renovation and refurbishment period at Häckeberga Estate. Among other things, the old castle, built in 1530s by Holger Ulfstand was demolished and replaced by the building that exists today. To assist in the planning and construction of the new castle the famous architect Helgo Zetterwall was contracted. Zetterwall is known for his work with the rebuilding of the cathedral in Lund, the construction of the All Helgona Church and University building in Lund, as well as, many other castles and manors throughout Southern Sweden. The present building was built in the years 1872-1875.

In 1960 the castle was ravaged in a fire and much of the interior was wasted while the facade and most windows survived unharmed. The roof, which before the fire was wood chippings got, after the fire, a simpler form and was built in copper. When rebuilt after the fire some changes in the disposition where made within the building. Previously, utility rooms, lounge areas and accommodation spaces spread over three floors, now gathered them on the entrance floor instead. Some areas were left unrenovated and some traces of the fire are still to be seen in these areas.

Starting in 1996, Häckeberga Castle has undergone extensive renovations and modernizations. In May 1997, the castle opened its doors to the existing hotel and restaurant business. Before that, it was a private residence. Wilhelm Tham, who owns the castle and runs the business today, is the great great grandchild of Tönnes Wrangel von Brehmer. His brother Henrik owns and runs the Estate of about 4.600 hectares.

Our art

On Häckeberga Castle's walls are many exciting works of art painted directly on the walls. These where painted in the spring of 2000 in connection with an art event called Ballroom ART 2000. The paintings are painted by 16 artists from all over Europe and are to be found on the first floor.