Weddings & Celebrations

We have taken the decision to no longer organize weddings or large celebrations at the Häckeberga Castle.

However, we continued to welcome small wedding dinners or other celebrations in combination with our accommodation packages.

As follows you will find information about our dinner arrangements:

Max number of guests: 30 persons

Dining room: You will dine in a separate dining room in the restaurant. There will be other parts of the restaurants with other guests.

Lounge: Afternoon coffee for guests staying over night is served in the salon where other guests also have their coffee. Drink before dinner and mingle after dinner is in a separate salon on the first floor called "Afrika".

Accomodation: We have in total 27 hotelrooms divided between the castle and the annex called Jaktpaviljongen. When booking the arrangement you also book the rooms you want according to availability.

Please note that an arrangement of this sort requires that you book at least 10 rooms (double rooms or junior suites).

Setup for the arrangement:

- From 3 pm. Check-in for overnight guests

- 3 pm -5pm. Afternoon coffee for overnight guests in the salon.

- 6 pm. Welcome drink in "Afrika". Sparkling wine with snacks

- 4-course dinner with suitable winepackage (we have non-alcoholic options)

- Coffee/tea after the dinner is served in "Afrika".

- Beverages etc during the evening according to agreement in "Afrika".

- 10.30 pm. Service terminates, closure.

- 8 am-10 am. Breakfast for those staying the night.

- 11 am latest. Check out and departure.

Price including menu and wine package:

- For guests staying the night (incl afternoon coffee, bed and breakfast) : from 2.395 sek per person depending of choice of room.

- Dinner guests only: 1.095 sek per person.

In case of someone having the non-alcoholic alternative we deduct 150 sek/person.

Please contact us for further information by e-mail: